Marine Pressure instrument
Marine Temperature instrument
Marine level instrument
marine valve
Marine Conditioner

   迪威国际登录_(网投网址www.dv66668.com官网直营)迪威国际客服_电话VX同号:【15912990000】点击部客服网址,迪威国际客服电话,迪威国际客服网址,迪威国际客服微信,官网直营,公平、公正、公开,新开户享受洗码1.0,详情咨询客服。Taizhou Yutai Marine Parts Co., Ltd is a group of Marine Instrument, Marine valve, marine Parts, etc. in Mainland China.
  Our main products include Marine pneumatic quick-closing valves, ANSI/JIS/DIN marine valves, UQK-01/02/03, UQK-65,UQK-65-C/S level controller, UHZ-511/512/515 level gauge, YSZK series marine pressure sensor, etc, marine parts from P.R. China.
  We’ve formed a complete quality guaranteed ISO 9000 system with advanced physical and chemical testing means and equipments for inspection.